Jasmine – Grapefruit Soap – Savonitto

Soap made in the south of France by Maitre Savonitto, renowned French soapmaker for LA RÂPE À SAVON®.

Specially designed for LA RÂPE À SAVON®, this soap is composed of carefully selected products, and made according to a traditional family recipe.

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Soap made in Provence, in the south of France, by Maitre Savonitto, for LA RÂPE À SAVON®.

Jasmine / Grapefruit soap combines the subtlety of the oriental scent of jasmine with the freshness of citrus grapefruit.

This acid and floral soap will give your skin a feeling of freshness and comfort thanks to the quality of its ingredients.

Additional information

Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 2.7 × 6.1 × 8.3 cm

Other informations

LA RÂPE À SAVON only works with our specially designed soaps built for our soap dispenser. Our warranty only applies with soap from our soap maker partners and distributed by PANTHEOR and its authorized distributors
For Portugal, the exclusive distributor is the company : PANOSSIAN UNIPESSOAL LDA,

Ingrédients :

Sodium de palmate-Sodium palm kermelate- aqua(water)-perfume (fragrâncias)-palm acid-palm kernel acid-glycerin-argania spinosa oil-etidronic acid-tetrasodium etidronate-sodium.