LA RÂPE À SAVON® Black / White

The manual LA RÂPE À SAVON® is an absolutely economical, ecological and eco responsible concept that has all the advantages of a solid soap without its downsides.

A simple turn of the handle is enough to get the perfect dosage of soap in the palm of your hand. Once wet, the friction of the hands will melt the flakes of soap, which offer you an effective and healthy wash.
LA RÂPE À SAVON® will naturally find its place in your bathroom, near the sink or the shower or even the kitchen. For professional or domestic use.
LA RÂPE À SAVON® is an ethical and eco responsible product made in France.

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LA RÂPE À SAVON® Black / White is a solid soap dispenser, made by recyclable ABS with a polished white coloured body enhanced with black elements, for a contemporary look.

How it works :

After placing the soap inside the machine, you simply turn the handle, always with the same motion, so that the soap flakes drop in your hand; before getting your hands through water.

LA RÂPE À SAVON® only works with our selection of traditional and natural soaps, specially designed to adapt to our machine/device.
Hence, our waranty does not apply in case of using any soap that has not been conceved or made by our partners specifically for LA RÂPE À SAVON®.

LA RÂPE À SAVON® is suited for people that only have one hand, due to its security lid that allows you to receive the flakes after turning the handle, simply by pushing the lid and collecting the necessary soap in your hand to wash.

Instruction Manual :

Download the complete instruction manual for LA RÂPE À SAVON® by clicking here.

Additional information

Weight 0.480 kg

Other informations 

LA RÂPE A SAVON® is simply attaches to the wall, tool-free, with double-sided high-performance adhesive tape provided, or with screws and dowels provided.
If wall mounting is not desired or possible, a foot with a suction cup sold as an option, allows it to be installed over a smooth and uneven bench.

The order of a LA RÂPE A SAVON® includes a soap grinder with wall support, one soap from Marselha, one double faced tape, screws, pegs and a first steps instruction manual.
A complete instruction manual can be downloaded on the website

Dimensions :

Soap grinder only : 126 mm x 90 mm x 221 mm – weight : 400 g
Soap grinder on the wall support : 126 mm x 118 mm x 221 mm – weight : 480 g